Exhibition opened to visit Monet

Exhibition opened to visit Monet

Exhibition opened to visit Monet

Students display their paintings at a shopping mall in order to collect money enough to pay travel expenses to visit the Monet exhibition in Istanbul. AA photo

A group of students studying at the Abdurrahman Keskiner Fine Arts and Sports School in the southern province of Osmaniye have opened an exhibition to raise funds for travel expenses to see the Claude Monet exhibition at Istanbul’s Sakıp Sabancı Museum.

When 29 students asked to see the Monet exhibit, their teacher Hakan Çebi proposed that they create paintings and sell them at an exhibition to collect money.

“The Salvador Dali and Van Gogh exhibitions opened but we were not able to see them. When we heard that the Monet exhibit opened, we were determined to see this exhibition, whatever it takes,” said student Gizem Tıraş.

Tıraş organized her friends in the class and they worked many hours to create the paintings. Çebi asked Osmaniye Park 328 shopping mall to display the paintings and the students were able to open the exhibition on Oct. 29, Republic Day.

Osmaniye Governor Celaletin Cerrah bought a portrait of Atatürk. The students have only earned 200 Turkish Liras so far and need 4,000 liras to attend the exhibition. “We know that we don’t have another chance in a place like Osmaniye but we are still hopeful,” Tıraş said.