Exhausted AKP members should quit: Erdoğan

Exhausted AKP members should quit: Erdoğan

Erdinç Çelikkan – ANKARA
Exhausted AKP members should quit: Erdoğan President and chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan urged his party fellows and provincial organization members that those who are tired and exhausted better quit for the sake of the party’s success in the 2019 elections.

“If there is anyone who has become tired, they should leave their position to someone else,” Erdoğan said in a private meeting with ruling government ministers and lawmakers on July 27.

In the nearly one hour meeting, Erdoğan addressed lawmakers and ministers and gave messages on organizational problems ahead of the 2019 presidential elections and congresses.

In the meeting, Erdoğan directed AKP members to be more active in the field, “to get together with the citizens.”

“Do not leave any door without a knock or any hand unshaken,” Erdoğan said.

“The 2019 elections have a critical importance for us. We have to work hard to win the hearts of people. It is not easy to be a power now. We have to win the 50 and 1 percent” Erdoğan added. 

He warned the members for “professional deformation,” which he said “can affect the actions of the politicians.”

“We have to be careful about that. It is very important that AKP members fulfill their duties the best. That’s why if there is someone who has become tired, they should leave their position to someone else,” he added.

Criticisms over post-coup measures

Erdoğan also referred to the criticisms directed to post-coup measures stating that “there are complaints saying ordinary people instead of real names” have been included in the purge.

“Both lawmakers and organizations have to take this complaint seriously. Everyone who believes in the objectives of the AKP is welcome,” he said.

Turkey lost trust on allies

“We do not have any trust left for our allies. We do not intend to fight. However, we cannot stay silent while facing threats,” Erdoğan also said.

“We have to turn the developments in Syria to our advantage. Without being in the field, we cannot direct the action. We continue to struggle against the games,” he said.

“Our citizens know that this struggle is our second independence war,” he added.

Emergency rule cannot pose a threat to investments

Erdoğan also said the state of emergency rule cannot pose a threat to foreign investments.

“It cannot be an excuse for the investors. When it is time, we will lift that excuse. The economy continues to gain strength. We are in a good direction on production and employment,” he said.