Ex-boyfriend ‘hunts down, kills’ teacher

Ex-boyfriend ‘hunts down, kills’ teacher

KONYA - Doğan News Agency
Ex-boyfriend ‘hunts down, kills’ teacher

Police officers accompany Hakan Başar, who is accused of his ex-girlfriend Gülşah Aktürk who refused to get back together with him. DHA Photo

A female teacher stationed in Van was killed reportedly by her ex-boyfriend in Konya on Dec. 7 after she spurned his desire to restart their relationship, in the latest example of violence against women to make headlines.

Gülşah Aktürk, a teacher, broke up with Hakan Başar before taking a month’s leave from her post in the eastern province and traveling to her family’s home in the Central Anatolian province of Konya.

Başar reportedly refused to accept the breakup and threatened Aktürk in the hopes of winning her back, leading the woman to apply for a restraining order.

Upon learning that Aktürk had gone to Konya, Başar also headed for the central province, arriving at her house and inviting her to come down for a talk. The teacher, however, again refused Başar’s entreaties to restart the relationship, whereupon the ex-boyfriend allegedly shot Aktürk in the head and shoulder with an unlicensed gun.

Two pistols

Aktürk was immediately taken to Selçuk University School of Medicine’s hospital but could not be saved, while Başar was quickly apprehended nearby with two pistols in his possession.

Başar told authorities in his testimony that he had not intended to kill Aktürk and that he had only wanted to discuss the matter with her. The suspect also expressed surprise that Aktürk had succumbed to her injuries when questioned by a reporter.