European Parliament condemns terrorist attacks in Turkey

European Parliament condemns terrorist attacks in Turkey

European Parliament condemns terrorist attacks in Turkey

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The European Parliament has condemned an upsurge in violence in Turkey and called on Turkish political leaders to work toward social peace, expressing concerns about terrorist attacks targeting security personnel and civilians as well as mobbings of political party and media buildings.

“I am very concerned about the spiral of violence which is engulfing Turkey. I condemn all kind of attacks and aggressions against security forces and civilians. My sympathy and condolences go to the families of the deceased and to the Turkish authorities. There can be no sympathy for terrorists and the culprits responsible for these acts,” European Parliament President Martin Schulz said in a press statement released Sept. 9.

Turkish political leaders have the responsibility to show great restraint, work for social peace, avoid any spirit of confrontation and the development of blame-games, Schulz said, noting “Turkey is today more than ever in need of unity, not division.” 

Schulz also expressed his concerns about a series of protests targeting Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) buildings in multiple provinces in the country, saying the sight of a democratic party’s buildings, legitimately voted into parliament, being attacked by angry mobs was highly troubling.

Schulz called on Turkish authorities as well as Kurdish leaders to resume the peace process and re-establish the ceasefire, stressing the need for all voices to speak on the behalf of peace and reconciliation.

“It is equally troubling to witness how free media - both Turkish and international - are being raided and investigated, and journalists detained and mobbed,” Schulz said in the wake of two separate attacks at Turkish daily Hürriyet’s building in less than 48 hours. 

“The pluralism and independence of the press is a vital element of Turkish democracy and a precondition for any [EU] candidate country,” he said.

Schulz also stressed the need for a renewed spirit of unity and efforts to be made for that end in Turkey, “to ensure that the upcoming elections will take place in a peaceful environment.”

Iran and Spain have also condemned terrorist attacks targeting security personnel and civilians in Turkey.

The peace process should be re-started, keeping in mind that the current situation in Turkey was worrying, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Merziye Afham said on Sept. 9, according to Iran’s state-run news agency, IRNA.

Spain also condemned the terrorist attacks against security forces and civilians in Turkey, in a written statement issued by the Spanish foreign ministry on Sept. 9.

“Spain strongly condemns the terrorist attacks targeting security personnel and civilians across Turkey since July,” the statement said, adding that the Spanish government was sending its condolences to the families of the fallen in the attacks.