Eşarj to expand its charging stations network

Eşarj to expand its charging stations network

Eşarj to expand its charging stations network

Eşarj aims to include 495 fast-charging stations to its existing charging station network by investing 300 million Turkish Liras as part of its Fast-Charging Stations for EVs Program, the company has said in a statement.

Thanks to new investments, Eşarj will have the largest and fastest EV charging station network in Türkiye in terms of installed capacity, the statement added.

Eşarj, of which Enerjisa Enerji acquired the majority shares in 2018, has been the first player in Türkiye to provide charging operator service since 2009.

Operating with 496 charging stations, 258 of which are fast-charging stations, in 269 locations in Türkiye, Eşarj will become the leader of the sector as it has the first and fastest electric vehicle station network in Türkiye, according to the statement.

The charging station investments are expected to prevent the emission of 598 million kg of CO2 by the end of 2030, with a total of 418 million kWh of additional electricity sales and charging processes. This figure will prevent the generation of CO2 emissions that can be cleaned by 37 million trees.

In 2030, the market share of EV sales is expected to reach 35 percent, the EV park is expected to reach 2.5 million, and the number of publicly available charging sockets is expected to increase up to 250,000 in Türkiye, said Murat Pınar, chairman of the board of directors of Eşarj and CEO of Enerjisa Enerji.

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