'Erotic video' displayed in Greek mosque angers Turk society

'Erotic video' displayed in Greek mosque angers Turk society

Yorgo Kirbaki ATHENS - Hürriyet
Erotic video displayed in Greek mosque angers Turk society

The video ‘Nimfea’ at Thessaloniki Biennial belongs to Ange Leccia. Hürriyet photo

A video work that was put on display at a former mosque at the Thessaloniki Biennial has caused controversy among Turks due to allegations of eroticism, resulting in its removal from the exhibition.

Although the Alaca İmare Mosque is now closed to worship, local Muslims from the Eastern Macedonia-Thracian Muslims Education and Culture Association complained after the video from French artist Ange Leccia, titled “Nimfea,” was projected on the wall of the mosque, depicting a seemingly naked woman down to her chest.

The group complained about the video to Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Butaris, prompting authorities to move the installation to another site, especially after Turkish tourists visiting Greece during last week’s Eid al-Adha holiday saw the video and similarly expressed their anger.

In their complaint, the group said Greek authorities should respect religious sensitivities, even if Alaca İmare is no longer used as a mosque.

Turkish Ambassador to Athens Kerim Uras had also called on Greek officials to remove “Nimfea” from the space.