Erdoğan unveils manifesto for local elections

Erdoğan unveils manifesto for local elections

Erdoğan unveils manifesto for local elections

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has revealed an 11-item election manifesto of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for the upcoming local elections on March 31.

“We will prepare development models unique to the geography, climate, history and the urban tissue of the cities,” Erdoğan said on Jan. 31, unveiling his AKP’s manifesto titled “Work for the people, work from the heart.”

“We will have the simplicity of the Seljuk architecture and the elegance of the Ottoman architecture; today’s modern lines will then prevail,” he said, noting that the AKP will challenge unplanned urbanization with short, medium and long-term strategies.

The AKP will set up a mechanism to monitor and measure the performances of the mayoral candidates, Erdoğan said.

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The election manifesto vows that AKP-run municipalities will serve under the manifesto’s articles focusing on city plans, infrastructure and transportation, urban transformation, environment-friendly cities, social municipalities, horizontal urbanization, people management, savings and transparency, and value-generating cities.

The manifesto cites urban planning will be the primary point, pledging long-term and fair projects. Minor changes in urban plans that may lead to abuses will not be allowed, Erdoğan said.

The infrastructure and transportation principle envisages expanding public transportation projects and making parking lots top priorities in both urban plans and zoning practices.

The “urban transformation” article of the manifesto states that efforts to that end will be carried out according to the characteristics of the cities and the needs of the citizens. The projects will be developed in order to protect cities from earthquake risks as well as poor constructions.

The “unique cities” article of the manifesto promises cities will be developed in accordance with “their stories.” In line with this, projects that disrupt the “silhouette of cities,” have no aesthetic views and do not contribute to the city’s cultural essence will not be allowed.

An architectural understanding that will meet the needs of the present and the future will be embraced, and areas, appealing to every segment of society, will be built, he added.

Technology will be used to serve the people and cities as part of “smart cities” implementations.

Apart from being technologically advanced, cities will also be environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, the manifesto said.

Municipalities will promote projects to reduce solid waste and launch “People’s Gardens” across Turkey.

Furthermore, municipalities will develop projects and render services in social issues, especially in strengthening domestic relations.

Horizontal urbanization models will be embraced across Turkey and newly developing areas will primarily adopt this model.

Significant decisions regarding a city will be discussed with its residents in city councils.

Municipalities’ resources will be used in an efficient and transparent manner.

Cities will be uplifted in every sector, specifically culture and economy, the manifesto says.

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