Erdoğan reveals last will, 'moves everyone to tears'

Erdoğan reveals last will, 'moves everyone to tears'

Erdoğan reveals last will, moves everyone to tears Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has asked for soil to be taken from the grave of an Ottoman soldier in Myanmar's Arakan and placed on his eventual grave in a revision of his will, daily Yeni Şafak reported.

In a conference which brought former “Milli Görüş” (National View) figures and friends of Erdoğan together in Istanbul, journalist Sibel Erarslan began her words with the soil she took from the Ottoman Cemetery in Arakan in Myanmar.

“We visited Arakan with First Lady Emine Erdoğan in 2013. We visited the Ottoman Cemetery. There lies Ottoman soldiers who died martyrs 92 years ago. They never received replies to their letters. So I brought soil from one of our martyrs so we see them belonging to the same cause as ours. His name is Osmanoğlu Muhammed from Manisa,” said Erarslan.

Upon Erarslan’s gesture, Erdoğan said he wanted the soil to be put to his grave.

“It is my will to my wife and children. When I die, they should put the soil taken from the grave of Osmanoğlu Muhammed from Manisa who died a martyr in Arakan on my [grave],” said Erdoğan, abruptly leading the audience to burst into tears.