Erdoğan reiterates pledge to build 'Century of Türkiye'

Erdoğan reiterates pledge to build 'Century of Türkiye'

Erdoğan reiterates pledge to build Century of Türkiye

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reaffirmed the government's determination to realize the "Century of Türkiye" vision, emphasizing the importance of unity and solidarity among the country's 85 million citizens.

"We have woven the enthusiasm for [the Turkish Republic's] centenary in every event we held this year. We will reinforce our unity and solidarity as a nation and strengthen our hope for our future," Erdoğan declared at a meeting with district governorship course graduates at the Presidential Complex in the capital Ankara on Sept. 14.

The Century of Türkiye vision is emblematic of the long-held dreams of the Turkish nation and is seen as a central theme in the government's policy agenda, Erdoğan said. "No one will be able to obstruct the construction of the 'Century of Türkiye,'" he asserted.

Erdoğan called upon district governor candidates to extend their helping hands to the farthest corners of their areas of responsibility. "We are obliged to serve all 85 million people," he remarked.

During the meeting, Erdoğan also commented on the recent investigation launched against Sezgin Tanrıkulu, a lawmaker from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), due to his critical remarks about the Turkish army.

"As the state and the judiciary, we have the obligation to teach the so-called MP but aspiring terrorist the necessary lesson. The successful operations of the Turkish Armed Forces in Gabar [Mt. in the southeastern province of Şırnak] are disturbing them," Erdoğan stated.

Tanrıkulu's remarks, made during a live broadcast on TV100 on Sept. 8, criticized the army, including past actions. The MP questioned the TSK's history, referencing the 1980 coup and the events of July 15, 2016, among others.

"Isn't this the TSK [Turkish Armed Forces], which carried out the fascist coup on Sept. 12 [1980]? Isn't this the army that attempted the coup on July 15 [2016], burning villages... Dozens of unsolved murders. There are cases that I follow. Isn't it the TSK that threw 15 villagers out of a helicopter, which has been confirmed by the decision of the European Court of Human Rights?" the deputy said during the broadcast.

The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office announced that the investigation into Tanrıkulu was launched on the grounds of "insulting the Turkish nation, the state of the Turkish Republic, the institutions and organs of the state," as well as "inciting the public to hatred and hostility or humiliation."

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