Engineer quits job to become beekeeper

Engineer quits job to become beekeeper

Engineer quits job to become beekeeper

A woman, who has worked as a textile engineer for six years in the western province of İzmir, has quit her job to start a new life in the southwestern province of Muğla as a beekeeper.

“I recommend beekeeping to all women entrepreneurs. Women can do everything,” Aslı Temiz told state-run Anadolu Agency.

Temiz was fascinated by the profession when she first saw a beekeeper in her husband’s hometown, Dalaman, a district of Muğla.

“I saw some people wearing clothes that looked like spacesuits. It really fascinated me. Then I learned that they were beekeepers,” she said.

Visiting the public training center, Temiz started taking lessons on beekeeping. “I fell in love with this sector,” she added.

Beekeeping became her livelihood after she met with Veli Türk, the head of the Muğla Beekeepers’ Society. His teachings led her to start the business with some 30 hives.

“I sell the honey I produce on my social media accounts,” she noted.

Türk agrees with Temiz that women can make a living with beekeeping. “There are 6,000 families making money from hives. Some are women. They can earn a fortune if they focus on producing natural goods,” he said.