Electric vehicles hit roads in Prince’s Islands

Electric vehicles hit roads in Prince’s Islands

Electric vehicles hit roads in Prince’s Islands

Electric vehicles hit the roads in car-free Prince’s Islands, off Istanbul’s coast, after a ban on horse-drawn carriages as a result of the killing of dozens of horses due to an outbreak of glanders and years-long animal rights activism against what advocates called the ill-treatment of horses.

Milliyet daily visited Büyükada, the largest island in the district, both to experience travel by electric vehicles and to observe the reactions of passengers and island residents.

Two different types of electric vehicles, one with a capacity of four and the other with a capacity of 14, came into service for passengers who want to travel within the islands.

While it is mandatory to wear masks and to fasten seat belts on the vehicles, the cars can pick up passengers at various points, just like minibuses that travel in other districts of Istanbul.

As the passengers are pleased to travel by electric vehicles, the residents say they are happy that the bad odor caused by the horses has disappeared.

“The bad smell is gone. As the vehicles move slowly, the risk of accidents has decreased. It was good that the horse-drawn carriages were banned because of the misuse and torment of the horses,” said Ulaş Stil, an electric vehicle driver living in Büyükada.

“The island is cleared, the bad smell is gone. Horses were constantly dying and suffering. They survived,” said Silva Beyler, another Büyükada resident.

Along with the residents, animal lovers are also happy that electric vehicles are put into service after the banning of horse-drawn carriages, which were the only means of transportation.

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