Election bans take effect

Election bans take effect

Election bans take effect

The election bans have started on May 4 according to the election calendar for the Presidential and 28th Term Parliamentary Elections, which will be held on May 14. Accordingly, surveys, opinion polls, and forecasts will no longer be published.

According to the calendar, the freedom of propaganda and some election bans that started on May 4 will end at 18:00 the day before voting day on May 13.

Political parties and independent candidates participating in the elections will be able to make verbal, written or visual propaganda by means of announcements and advertisements in the written media or by opening a website until the end of the election propaganda period.

It will not be possible to make propaganda by sending voice, video or text messages to the mobile or fixed phones of the citizens with messages sent to their e-mail addresses, but political parties will be able to send audio, video or written messages to their members.

In the last 10 days before the voting day, broadcasting in favor of, or against, a political party or candidate, or in a way that affects the vote of the citizens, under the names such as mini-referendum, through written, oral and visual media, public opinion surveys, surveys, forecasts, information and communication phones, and any distribution is prohibited. Publications to be made outside of this period will be in accordance with the principles of impartiality, truthfulness and accuracy.

It is forbidden to hold ceremonies, give speeches, make statements and make publications about the works and services (including the opening and groundbreaking) made from the resources of the organizations including the state, annexed budget administrations, special provincial administrations, municipalities and their affiliated departments and establishments, economic state enterprises and their establishments and partnerships, other public legal entities and organizations subject to the Banking Law.

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