EDF says to develop 30 GW of solar in France by 2035

EDF says to develop 30 GW of solar in France by 2035

EDF says to develop 30 GW of solar in France by 2035

French state-controlled utility EDF said on Dec. 11 it plans to accelerate its roll-out of solar energy in France to help the government’s fight against climate change.

EDF chief executive Jean-Bernard Levy said the utility will invest about 25 billion euros to develop 30 gigawatt of solar capacity in France between 2020 and 2035.

He added that a large part of these investments in solar will come from partners and project financing.

Levy’s comments came ahead of a climate summit in Paris on Dec. 12.

“Today, the government is very ambitious for solar in France. Our response is that we will become the leader of solar in France. There will be no energy transition in France without massive investment in solar,” Levy told reporters.

He added that given the strong local opposition in France against wind turbines, it would be much more difficult to build similar renewables capacity in wind.

Levy said that the company would work with the government to free the necessary space, which he estimates at 25.000 to 30.000 hectares. He said that one megawatt of solar requires about one hectare and costs about 1 million euros.

He also said the company would count on the government to issue tenders for solar capacity.

“The acceleration of solar in France is crucial for reaching our climate targets,” said Antoine Cahuzac, the head of EDF’s renewables unit.