Dutch journalist acquitted of ’terror’ propaganda

Dutch journalist acquitted of ’terror’ propaganda

Dutch journalist acquitted of ’terror’ propaganda

Dutch journalist Frederike Geerdink leaves the Diyarbakır courthouse on April 13, 2015 in the southeastern city of Diyarbakır. AFP PHOTO / ILYAS AKENGIN

A Dutch journalist tried on a charge of disseminating "terrorist propaganda" was acquitted by a Turkish court on April 13.

Frederike Geerdink's brief detention in January prompted an outcry from rights groups and a protest by the Dutch foreign minister, whilst deepening fears about the erosion of press freedom under President Tayyip Erdoğan.

A freelance journalist based in the mainly Kurdish southeastern city of Diyarbakir, she was accused of posting messages on social media in favour of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Geerdink's acquittal had been expected following a surprise call last week by the prosecutor in the case to drop charges against her, citing a lack of evidence.
The panel of three judges announced their ruling in line with that recommendation at a hearing on April 13.