Driver rams car into crowd after disagreement over dance position

Driver rams car into crowd after disagreement over dance position

Driver rams car into crowd after disagreement over dance position Four people were injured when a man rammed his car into a crowd on late Oct. 23 after a fight that erupted over a disagreement on who would be the lead during a traditional dance at a wedding in northwestern Turkey, Doğan News Agency has reported. 

The assailant, a 20-year-old, was arrested following the incident.

The incident occurred after Ö.K. demanded to be in the lead for the dance, known as the halay, in Kocaeli’s Dilovası district.

A fight erupted between Ö.K. and M.D., who also wanted to lead the dance. 

The guests at the wedding quickly broke up the fight between the two. Later, however, Ö.K. proceeded to his car and rammed the vehicle into M.D. and three others in an apparent act of revenge.

M.D. sustained serious injuries in the incident and remains in life-threatening condition.

The other guests wounded, Yakup Sözmen, Zekeriya Yıldız and Sedat D., were also taken to Derince Training and Research Hospital.

Ö.K. fled the area during the ensuing chaos, abandoning his car.

However, he called the police after a while from a relative’s home and said he would surrender.

Ö.K. was arrested by the court on charges of attempted premeditated murder.

The father of M.D., who was also wounded in the attack, said the crash might mean that M.D. will have permanent facial damage, even if he survives. 

“When we arrived at the area in which the incident occurred, there were three ambulances and a huge crowd. I was shocked at what I saw. Doctors said he would have operations more than once. They said that the crash may cause permanent damage to his face. I will take all necessary steps in terms of legal procedures,” he said.

Sedat D., an uncle of M.D., said the assailant made a deliberate attempt on their lives.

“I was also at the wedding ceremony … After the fight was broken up, we thought that the tension had been defused. When we got out of the wedding hall, we saw him. He unblinkingly rammed his car into us when he saw my nephew. He deliberately made an attempt on against our lives. My nephew’s condition is serious,” he said.