Dog who gave birth under rubble saved 29 days after quake

Dog who gave birth under rubble saved 29 days after quake

Dog who gave birth under rubble saved 29 days after quake

A Doberman who was trapped in a collapsed building in Hatay’s Antakya district and gave birth under the rubble has miraculously been rescued alive with her puppies 29 days later.

The building in which pharmacy technician Kadir Keyifli and his family lived in the Gazi neighborhood of the Antakya district collapsed during the deadly earthquakes on Feb. 6.

Keyifli and his family were rescued from the rubble, but his 2.5-year-old Doberman “Şila,” which slept in the basement of the building, was trapped under the rubble.

Although Keyifli begged for help from rescue teams to save his pregnant dog, his efforts were fruitless.

On March 6, Keyifli saw the teams of the Angels Living Village Association (MEYAKO) coming to the area for help.

Two members of the team did not refuse Keyifli’s request for help and managed to reach Şila, seeing that she had given birth and had her three puppies with her.

Şila and all her puppies were rescued alive from the rubble and brought to Adana by MEYAKO teams for their treatment at the veterinary clinic.

It was learned that the dog survived on some kibble as a dog food package was also trapped under the rubble.

Keyifli stated that he is thankful for all the efforts of the MEYAKO members.

“After losing many loved ones, Şila has become a source of hope for me,” he said.

Veterinarian Koray Kürklü, who undertook the treatment of the dogs, said that Şila has severe dehydration and that her internal organs were damaged, but that they would do their best to make her and the puppies healthy again.

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