Dog waits for sick owner in front of hospital

Dog waits for sick owner in front of hospital

TRABZON – Demirören News Agency
Dog waits for sick owner in front of hospital

A dog named “Boncuk” has been waiting in front of a hospital in the Black Sea province of Trabzon where its owner has been getting treatment for a week.

“The dog comes here every day at around 9 in the morning, waits until the evening, and then leaves. It never comes inside, but waits for its owner [outside],” said Muhammet Akdeniz, a security at the hospital.

The owner of the dog, Cemal Şentürk, was transferred to the hospital by ambulance on Jan. 14 after falling ill. Boncuk followed the ambulance until the hospital where its owner was taken. Since then, it has been waiting for him outside.

“Every time we took Boncuk back home, it found a way to leave the house and come back to the hospital,” said Aynur Egeli, the daughter of Cemal Şentürk.

Şentürk said he was very happy to see Boncuk. “Sometimes I opened my window and called him by his name,” said Şentürk.

The hospital management surprised Boncuk, taking it to rekindle with Şentürk as he left the hospital on a wheelchair.

“Dogs love receiving attention. It has been with me for nine years. I’ve missed it, too,” added Şentürk, holding Boncuk in his arms shortly after their reunion.