Documents found in illegal recording case

Documents found in illegal recording case

TUNCELİ - Doğan News Agency
Documents found in illegal recording case

The illegal files reportedly prepared by security forces, include photograph of the individuals along with address, telephone number and personal data. DHA photo

Within the scope of the legal investigation into the police and gendarmerie forces in the Hozat district of the eastern province of Tunceli for illegally maintaining records of citizens, the police and gendarmerie buildings have been searched and computers, hard discs and documents have been confiscated.

According to previous allegations, the Hozat police force and the Hozat gendarmerie commandership were tasked with collecting the personal data of hundreds of local people, including the district mayor.
The information collected included addresses, phone numbers, hair and eye colors, as well as the illegal organizations they are thought to support.

The files - which the police, gendarmerie and local governor’s office each have a copy of - also include a photograph of the suspected individual. Hozat Mayor Cevdet Konak, a number of officials from the Education Directorate, school principals, courthouse officials, and a 77-year-old man, are among those being closely followed by the security forces, according to the files.

In the file for Mayor Konak, who is not a member of a political party, his family roots are also mentioned. “Cevdet Konak is a member of the Karaballı clan, which participated in the 1937-1938 Dersim rebellion and challenged the state’s authority,” the file reads. He is also accused of being a sympathizer of the outlawed Turkish Workers and Peasants’ Liberation Army (TİKKO) and all probes into his past speeches and banners also included.

“He frequently meets with locals known to have close ties with the terrorist organization [PKK]. He is a person to be careful about,” the file on Konak reads.