Diyarbakır court reduces sentence of rape suspect for ‘respectful stance’

Diyarbakır court reduces sentence of rape suspect for ‘respectful stance’

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Diyarbakır court reduces sentence of rape suspect for ‘respectful stance’

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A court in Diyarbakır reduced the sentence of Y.T., 22, who beat and raped a 14-year-old, because of his respectful stance and his wearing of a tie during his trial.

Diyarbakır 2nd criminal court first sentenced Y.T. to 14 years jail time on charges of “sexual harassment of a child” and “deprivation of liberty for sexual harassment.” However, the judge then reduced the sentence to 11 years and eight months due to the “respectful stance” of the suspect. Judges reduce the sentences of suspects who wear a suit and tie and apologize for their actions on the grounds that they have respected the court during the trial. 

Halime Sanli, the lawyer of Z.B., who was 14 years old when she was beaten and raped by the suspect in 2003, criticized the court’s decision on the ground that the suspect received the reduced punishment despite denying the charges and failing to apologize in court. 

According to the court testimonies, the family of Z.B. took her to the hospital in 2003 due to a stomachache.

It was then found the girl was eight-and-a-half months pregnant. She then revealed to her family that Y.T. had told her to meet him at Diyarbakır’s historic walls or he would tell everyone that they had a relationship.

When she met him there, Y.T. beat Z.B., hitting her head with a stone. Z.B. then fainted and the suspect commenced to rape her. At the time of the incident, Z.B. told her family she had been attacked by thieves.

Y.T. denied the claims in court, saying that he and Z.B. had met at the appointed spot and walked for a while after which they left the area. While denying the claims, he also told the court he had married a woman ten days after the incident. In the meantime, Z.B. gave birth to a boy and DNA tests revealed the father as Y.T. The prosecutor demanded 43 years and six months in prison for Y.T. in the indictment but the court sentenced him to 11 years and eight months in jail.