Derviş Zaim’s film to release in France

Derviş Zaim’s film to release in France

Derviş Zaim’s film to release in France

Turkish filmFlaşbellek” (Flash Drive), written and directed by Derviş Zaim, will be released in the south of France on July 12.

The film, which last year won the jury award at the “Cinemed Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen Montpellier,” one of the important festivals in France, will meet with French cinema lovers in the regions of Languedoc, Aude Pyrenees and Aquitaine Nord.

Well-known actors of Arab cinema, such as Salah Bakri, Ali Suleiman, Sara El Debuch and Husam Chadat, took part in the production, which tells about the Syrian war.

The film is inspired by a Syrian military officer secretly taking out 11,000 photographs documenting the regime’s violence against civilians and opponents. Losing his ability to speak as a result of an attack, Ahmet starts working in a unit where people who died in conflicts are photographed and recorded. He wants to announce what he sees to the world and give voice to stories of the people stuck in a war. He has to choose between protecting himself and his wife or fulfilling his responsibility toward humanity.

The film was also shown at the 27th Sedona International Film Festival in the U.S. and the 19th Ischia Film Festival in Italy at the end of June.

“Flaşbellek” will meet with the Turkish audience in 2022 after completing the festival process.