Denizli promotes Kaklık cave, awaits more tourists

Denizli promotes Kaklık cave, awaits more tourists

Denizli promotes Kaklık cave, awaits more tourists

Local officials in the Aegean province of Denizli have accelerated works to promote the Kaklık Cave, also known as the “hidden underwater Pamukkale,” and increase the annual number of visitors, which is already around 45,000.

The cave, located in the Kaklık neighborhood of the Honaz district, has a travertine formation like Pamukkale, famous for a carbonate mineral left by the flowing of thermal spring water.

“The officials expect the number of visitors will increase this year,” Demirören News Agency reported on May 22.

The Kaklık cave, which was opened to tourism in 2002, will be introduced as a natural dermatotherapy center due to its thermal spring water, making the cave a center for health tourism.

“I wasn’t expecting to see such a beauty. I am really amazed,” said Mehmet Çetin, a local tourist.

Rıdvan Kurtuluş, another tourist from Istanbul, was pleased to see “two Pamukkales” on a trip.

“We visited Pamukkale and walked between the travertines. Then we came here and saw the hidden Pamukkale. I have never seen such a cave,” he noted.

Pamukkale was included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1988.