Demand rising for Van cats

Demand rising for Van cats

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Demand rising for Van cats

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Van cats, which are the most important living cultural beings of the eastern province of Van, have received great interest for their white fur and eyes of two different colors. 

Demand rising for Van cats The cats, which had been on the verge of extinction as the number of houses with gardens decreased in the city, were taken under protection in the Van Cat Research and Application Center, established within the body of Van Yüzüncü Yıl University (YYU) in the 1990s. 

The center has so far rescued the Van cats from extinction and is also carrying out successful works for the continuation of the species. 

YYU Van Cat Research and Application Center Director Associate Prof. Abdullah Kaya said 2015 was a productive year in the center and they had more kittens than they had expected. 

He said the increase in the number of cats was above the capacity of the center. 

“We can shelter a limited number of cats in the shelter. We give some cats to animal lovers all around the country. The compassion for this cat increases demand but it is not possible to meet all the demand. Those who adopt Van cats share their experiences with their friends and it increases demand. They have received great interest, especially in the last two years,” said Kaya. 

He said they received demand from different parts of the world for the Van cats but it was forbidden to take the cat out of the country. “Despite this ban, tourists come to the center and ask for cats,” he added. 

Noting that adopting a cat was a big responsibility, Kaya said, “It has much value to live with a very clean animal like Van cats. People see that this species of cat is smarter and can be trained easily. Once you have a Van cat, you don’t want to adopt other cats and ask a Van cat again.”

Demand rising for Van cats