Dedeman’s four-star brand to go abroad

Dedeman’s four-star brand to go abroad

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
After launching the first Dedman Park hotel in Denizli Turkey in March, Dedeman will expand its Park franchise to Kazakhstan and Russia in two years.

Dedeman Hotels and Resorts International has decided to launch a new four-star hotel chain concept called “Dedeman Park,” which will be geared towards the needs of business travelers.

“The first overseas hotels will be the Dedeman Park Oskemen in Kazakhstan and Dedeman Park İzmailova in Moscow Russia. The 118-room Oskemen will open in 2013 and the 110-room Moscow hotel will open in 2014,” said Dedeman CEO Tamer Yörükoğlu.

“Business travel is now only about 1.5 days and this is not enough time for customers to enjoy the luxuries that a five-star hotel has to offer,” added Yörükoğlu, explaining the rationale behind the Park concept.

The news comes after the Syrian government canceled contracts that granted Dedeman the right to operate hotels in three Syrian cities in December and January.

Dedeman, which currently operates 16 hotels, is aiming to increase the number of its hotels to 55 by 2018, according to Hürriyet.