Dear consulate, no visa for wife’s mom!

Dear consulate, no visa for wife’s mom!

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Dear consulate, no visa for wife’s mom

Call center employees do not always get boring calls, records show. DAILY NEWS photo

The Foreign Ministry’s Consulate Call Center has received over one million calls in six years, including unusual ones, such as one from a Turkish national, newly married and residing in Europe, called to ask the ministry not to grant a visa to her mother in law, who was planning to visit her.

Another call was from a tow truck request for a stranded vehicle traveling from Russia to Ukraine.

Yet another Turkish national asked for restaurant recommendations in Paris that were suitable for Turkish tastes.

The call center started providing services at the Chicago Consulate of Turkey in 2005, and another call center in Ankara was connected in 2010.

The facility provides services in the Turkish, French, German, Italian and Flemish languages.

Two managers and 24 citizen representatives work at the call centers. Turkish nationals in the U.S. and Canada can reach the call center at 1-888-566-7656, while the line 00-90-312-292-29-29 serves calls from around the world.