Dead soldiers buried in their hometowns

Dead soldiers buried in their hometowns

Dead soldiers buried in their hometowns

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Two soldiers who were killed when a landmine laid on the Hakkari-Van highway was detonated by militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on Aug. 20 were buried in their hometowns yesterday.

Specialist Sgt. Yusuf Seyhan was buried in Hatay’s Kırıkhan district. Seyhan’s body was brought from Van to Hatay Airport via military aircraft, and then brought to his family’s home in Kırıkhan’s Bahçelievler neighborhood. The soldier’s mother, Nebahat Seyhan, felt faint when the corpse was brought to the house and received medical treatment. The soldier’s body was brought to Merkez Ulu Mosque for the funeral ceremony. 

Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin attended the funeral and expressed his condolences to Seyhan’s father and wife. The soldier’s body was buried in Kırıkhan Martyr’s Cemetery following funeral prayers were performed by Provincial Mufti Mustafa Sinanoğlu. 

Along with Seyhan’s family and Ergin; Hatay Gov. Mehmet Celalettin Lekesiz; Justice and Development Party (AKP) Hatay deputies Adem Yeşildal, Orhan Karasayar, Mehmet Öntürk and Hacı Bayram Türkoğlu; Republican People’s Party (CHP) Hatay deputy Hasan Akgöl; and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Hatay deputy Şefik Çirkin were in attendance at the funeral. 

Injured soldier dies

Sergeant Mutlu Yıldırım, 23, who was injured in a mine blast in the Sorutepe region of Namaz Mountain in Şırnak on Aug. 19 and sent to Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA), died on Aug. 20. Yıldırım’s body was brought from GATA to the Eskişehir Garrison Command via military helicopter on the evening of Aug. 20, and delivered to his family at the Gömece Residences in the Yenidoğan neighborhood. The body was then taken from the Turkish Armed Forces’ Eskişehir Military Hospital in an ambulance and brought to Reşadiye Mosque, where the funeral was held. 

The soldier’s father, Chief Master Sgt. Yılmaz Yıldırım; his mother, Sevgi Yıldırım; his brother, Utku Yıldırım; Deputy Energy Minister Murat Mercan; Gov. Kadir Koçdemir; Great Unity Party (BBP) Chairman Mustafa Destici; Parliament Education Commission chair and AKP Eskişehir deputy Nabi Avcı; MHP deputy chair and Eskişehir deputy Ruhsar Demirel; AKP Eskişehir deputy Salih Koca; CHP Eskişehir deputy Kazım Kurt; 1st Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Abidin Ünal; Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Capt. Feyzullah Günal; and Eskişehir Deputy Mayor Erdal Caferoğlu attended the funeral.