Culture of a city reflected in a museum

Culture of a city reflected in a museum

ADANA - Anatolia News Agency
Culture of a city reflected in a museum

Agriculture represents an important part of Adana’s culture. DHA photo

Plans for an agriculture museum in the Mediterranean province of Adana have been finalized, according to local officials.

The new museum will display a wide range of agricultural tools, from the past as well as some still in use today.

The building housing the collections will initially be located at facilities belonging to the Özler Agriculture Company in the village of Suluca.

The artifacts will be donated by citizens over time. After a significant amount of objects have been accumulated, a permanent location will be established for the museum.

“The Adana agriculture museum aims to contribute to the tradition of agriculture in Adana,” Professor Hamit Serbest, president of the Adana Development Alliance Foundation told Anatolia news agency.