Court refuses demand for Supreme council

Court refuses demand for Supreme council

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
An Istanbul court yesterday rejected a request by a defense lawyer for the release of his client, former Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ, who was recently arrested as part of the ongoing Internet Memorandum trials. The court also rejected Başbuğ’s Supreme Council trial request instead of civil court. 

Lawyer İlkay Sezer’s objection to Başbuğ’s arrest was referred to a court delegation for further review by Justice Vedat Dalda on Monday, however the court delegation voted against the request.

Başbuğ was arrested on the charges of “attempting to overthrow or hamper the government of the Turkish Republic through the use of force and violence” and “leading an armed terrorist organization.” 
In his ruling, Dalda cited a number of reasons to maintain Başbuğ’s continued state of arrest, including the existing evidence, strong doubt over the suspect’s guilt, as well as the 100th article of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which prescribes imprisonment for the crimes in question. 

The ongoing Internet Memorandum case refers to an alleged document issued by the General Staff to set up 42 Internet sites to distribute propaganda against the government.

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