Court reduces sentence for ‘regretful’ murderer of two women

Court reduces sentence for ‘regretful’ murderer of two women

ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency
Court reduces sentence for ‘regretful’ murderer of two women A local court in Turkey has decreased a double life sentence jail term to 50 years for a man who said in court he “regretted” murdering two young women with a rifle, also taking into account the respectful stance of the murderer during the trial, which constituted wearing a suit and tie.

Public prosecutor İbrahim Baytekin demanded the Bakırköy 15th Court for Serious Crimes sentence Sami Uykuner, 21, to two life sentences for murdering Nihal Karadağ, 23, and Sultan Karaoğlan, 19, last year.

Court judge Ümit Kaptan said he would tell the court his decision and asked Uykuner if he had any final comments. Uykuner replied, “I am sorry.” 

The court then handed the suspect two life sentences for the “intended murder” of the two women. However, the court then decreased the life sentences to a total of 50 years in jail by taking into account the “good stance” of the suspect and that he had “regretted” his actions.

The incident took place in the Küçükçekmece district of Istanbul in August 2014, when the suspect’s alleged girlfriend, Karaoğlan, her friend, Karadağ, got into his car. He reportedly threatened the women and took them to a remote area near a road and shot both of them. He told the police that he had quarreled with his girlfriend and killed her due to “jealousy.”