Court, arrested MP duel on defense length

Court, arrested MP duel on defense length

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Court, arrested MP duel on defense length

Chief judge at an alleged coup case warns arrested MP, journalist Balbay after he criticized the time limit that was implemented for suspects’ defense. Hürriyet photo

The Republican Peoples’ Party’s (CHP) İzmir deputy and journalist Mustafa Balbay, who faces charges within the Ergenekon coup plot case, had an argument with the court board during a hearing at Istanbul’s 13th Court for Serious Crimes on Dec. 16.

Criticizing 15 minutes time limit for suspects

During the hearing, Balbay criticized the 15 minute time limit that was recently implemented for the suspects’ defenses. “I would like to begin my speech by expressing my longing for a Turkey in which people do not feel as captives while they are searching for justice,” Balbay said.

Balbay also said a judgment of 150 years was being made in the case. “The verdict you will give is already refuted at this point,” he said. Following comments from Balbay regarding the fact that some unlawful actions had occurred during the hearing held Dec. 13, Court Board Chief Hasan Hüseyin Özese warned Balbay that he was on thin ice. “Unlawful actions cannot be made in this court. The laws are implemented here,” Özese said.

Member judge Sedat Sami Haşıloğlu accused Balbay of abusing his legal rights.
“When you are required to issue a statement on evidences, you are speaking out of the context and ignoring the court board. This is the abuse of a right,” he said.