Conviction decision illegally erased from Turkish judiciary network

Conviction decision illegally erased from Turkish judiciary network

ANKARA – Hürriyet
A conviction decision emerged to be erased from the Justice Ministry’s information system by anonymous people who accessed the network illegally.

During an examination of the conviction records, prosecution officers in northwestern province of Kocaeli have detected that somebody entered the National Judiciary Network Information System (UYAP) and deleted O.D.’s 5-year imprisonment conviction from Kocaeli.

The officer’s coincidental realization revealed a scandal, as it has been learned that somebody deleted the record by using Ankara prosecutor A.Ç.’s electronic signature and password.

The authorities launched a comprehensive investigation into the incident immediately after it unfolded.
A.Ç. said he only learned about the intrusion after the investigation was opened.

The UYAP has been established to accelerate the Justice Ministry and judiciary institution’s procedures.

Prosecutors and judges, who do all legal transactions through the system, are the only ones who have access, which can be only reached through private passwords and electronic signatures.