Contact lenses to replace screens: Experts

Contact lenses to replace screens: Experts

Contact lenses to replace screens: Experts

The virtual world will be perceived by contact lenses in the near future, replacing the concept of screens, two Turkish scientists from Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) have said.

The concept of the screen will disappear as the connection with the world will be established via contact lenses, stated Kürşat Çağıltay, a professor from ODTÜ’s Faculty of Computer and Instructional Technology Education, and Erdal Taner, a former student of ODTÜ currently residing and studying in the United States.

Pointing out that the studies on contact lenses that will replace screens continue, Çağıltay said that the use of the internet and social media reached an undesirable point as access to information has become invaluable.

“For instance, when one of my friends says he explored something, I ask him whether he explores from Google,” he explained.

Noting that the research competence is decreasing gradually due to the way of the use of the internet, he added that this situation does not overshadow the beneficial sides of the internet.

“The internet is definitely a great thing as long as we perceive and use it as a means,” he said.

Noting that the teachers will continue to teach despite the development in technology, Çağıltay said the most important element that digitalization will not change is the teacher. “As the interaction of man with man is very important. But with digitalization, the opportunities which are offered to teachers will increase,” he explained.

The first internet connection in Türkiye was established at ODTÜ on April 12, 1993, with the cooperation of Çağıltay, who worked in the IT Department at that time, Taner and their teammates.

Çağıltay is currently teaching the rising generation and is working with them on new technologies, while Taner, who created Türkiye’s first website,, continues his studies abroad.