Consumers to be targeted with audio ads at malls

Consumers to be targeted with audio ads at malls

Consumers to be targeted with audio ads at malls

A number of shopping malls in Turkey will have audio commercials. DHA Photo

A Turkish advertisement agency is preparing to introduce audio commercials at shopping malls, increasing the number of advertisements to which individuals are exposed in daily life.

The project was designed by Cahit Ceylan, a prominent Turkish advertisement sector representative, and will be actualized by the Swiss mobile marketing platform Adwin AG.

“The aim here is to connect national radio commercials to the consumers in shopping malls, using existing announcement systems in malls,” said Ceylan, who is the founder and CEO of Turkish media and entertainment giant Mars Media.

The group was founded to manage Cinemaximum movie theaters, which have more than 577 theaters across Turkey.  

The businessman said the project was attempted first at Mars cinema theater lounges.

After the project won first place in the 2013 Felis awards and second place in Crystal Apple awards, the developers decided to expand it to a wider audience. Ceylan said they had finalized talks with some of the largest shopping malls in Turkey, noting their target of reaching 20 malls in the shortest time possible.

The project, currently in its testing stage, is slated to be implemented as of the second week of September.