City of gladiators attracts cinematic scenes

City of gladiators attracts cinematic scenes

MUĞLA - Anadolu Agency
City of gladiators attracts cinematic scenes Films and TV series shot in the western province of Muğla’s ancient city of Stratonikeia in recent years have contributed to the increase in visitors to the region. Thanks to these productions, tourists are visiting the historical places where scenes were filmed to take photos.

The head of the Stratonikeia excavations, Professor Bilal Söğüt, said remains from many eras in history could be seen in the ancient city, where they have discovered a settlement dating back 3,500 years.
Home to the Caria and Leleg settlements throughout history, Söğüt said Stratonikeia was also important during the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Anatolian beyliks, Ottoman and republican eras.

He said the structures in the region had been preserved as a whole from the ancient times to the present day. “Thanks to the video shoots over recent years, the ancient city and the region have been promoted. Compared to previous years, the number of visitors has increased to a great extent.”

Söğüt said the ancient city of Stratonikeia was serving producers as a natural film set with its historical identity and that the structures were being revived during excavations.

Muğla is already visited by many tourists due to its historical and cultural beauties, Söğüt said. “It is possible to see historical structures around Anatolia, but all of the structures from the ancient times to present day have come together in Stratonikeia. We bring an important structure to the forefront in every field in the ancient city. From the Ottoman-era village squares to the Roman-era Parliament buildings, temples and bathes. We can see all of these together. The variety here draws everybody’s attention.”


A scene from “Dondurmam Gaymak” (Ice Cream, I Scream)

The ancient city has drawn the attention of TV and film producers in the recent years, he said.

“Robert’in Filmi” (Robert’s Movie), “Sürgün İnek” (Exiled Cow), “Dondurmam Gaymak” (Ice Cream, I Scream) and “Dabbe” are among the cinema films that were shot in Stratonikeia. Also, the TV drama “Güzel Köylü” (Beautiful Villager) is being shot there.

“Horror, comedy and tragedy – films of all genres have been shot here. There is a suitable place for films of any genre. We continue excavations in the city and at the same time we support shootings,” Söğüt said.

He said they estimated that new TV series and films would be made in the newly restored houses in the city. “Almost all of the old structures here have a story. Most of them have a musical story. Some registered houses have been restored. It adds value to the ancient city,” he said.

Söğüt said gladiators were trained in the ancient city of Stratonikeia and it was a special region for lovers. “Especially on weekends, brides and grooms come here for photo shoots. They stroll around here to make their love immortal. Before shootings start, we tell the features of the ancient city to production teams. We walk on the stone roads of the city. It captivates everyone.”

With the support of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, reception areas have been established in the city and electrical wires were installed underground. “Visitors know where to go thanks to information boards,” he added.