Cinema professionals request propety rights

Cinema professionals request propety rights

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
The Professional Cinema Associations Coalition presented a proposal to a Parliamentary sub – commission to include a clause in Turkey’s prospective constitution on the “protection of intellectual property, art and artists”.

“The emergence of industries that recognize an individual’s creativity as their primary capital and the progress this has made in turning into the driving force behind the global economy adds an entirely distinct significance to the concept [of intellectual property,] even though at the beginning, it was merely a right pertaining to an individual’s artistic creativity,” read the text presented by the coalition to the sub – commission.

The clause proposed by the coalition indicates that intellectual and artistic production cannot be restricted and cites the protection, subsidy and support of intellectual property rights among the primary duties of the state.

The Professional Cinema Associations Coalition, which represents some eight vocational cinema associations, referred its suggestions to a sub – commission within the Parliamentary Reconciliation Commission yesterday, following a visit to political parties’ groups in Parliament.

Fundamental human rights, property rights and intellectual property rights constitute the basis of an individual’s existence, the coalition’s statement said.