Çiçek cautions against ‘imperialist games’

Çiçek cautions against ‘imperialist games’

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Çiçek cautions against ‘imperialist games’

‘We need to be aware of the games being played in this region,’ Çiçek says. AA photo

It is imperative that lawmakers in the Mediterranean region beware of imperialist designs on the area in light of the Arab Spring, Turkish Parliamentary Speaker Cemil Çiçek said yesterday in Ankara to colleagues from both Turkey and the region.

“We need to be aware of the games being played in this region and stop falling for the traps of the imperialists again and again. We need to stop the image of being the poorest of people in the richest of regions. This is possible, and is in our hands,” Çiçek said at the opening of the meeting of the Special Task Force of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean yesterday.

Racism in Europe

Referring to the Arab Spring, Çiçek said the “citizen movements that have sprung up in countries for similar reasons have triggered a reform dynamic through the various responses from the governments” and added that these events indicated the people’s longing for democracy and freedom. Recent developments according to Çiçek “have proven that a regime that doesn’t answer to the people’s demand for democracy cannot stand in a world where everything is becoming more transparent and interactive. The speaker also referred to racism in Europe against foreigners, “especially Islamophobia.”
“We are sad to observe that [Islamophobia] is on the rise in popularity among certain groups and parties. The clash of civilizations’ thesis as used by irresponsible politicians for internal political benefit has the potential to heighten intolerance and hostility among people to dangerous levels,” said Çiçek.