CHP appeals to high court for annulment of post-coup decree laws

CHP appeals to high court for annulment of post-coup decree laws

CHP appeals to high court for annulment of post-coup decree laws Turkey’s main opposition party has appealed to the Constitutional Court for the annulment of one of eight decree laws issued by the government since the declaration of a state of emergency in the aftermath of the July 15 failed coup attempt, on the grounds that it violated the Turkish constitution. 

“Eight decree laws have been issued so far. We [submitted an] appeal for the second decree law today. We will take the first decree to the court after its content is discussed in parliament,” Levent Gök, deputy parliamentary group leader of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), told reporters on Sept. 23 after he submitted the petition to the court. 

Gök said works were underway to take all decree laws to the court one-by-one.   

The government has suspended thousands of civil servants, including high-ranking officers, teachers and academics, and undertaken serious changes in the structure of the army and other state offices through decree laws. 

Gök said the Constitutional Court had annulled some decree laws in 1991 on the grounds that they addressed issues irrelevant to the state of emergency, adding they were basing the petition to this ground as well.   

The decree law the CHP sought to annul on Sept. 23 was about laws on the foundation of military justice, military judges, military personnel, the shape of Supreme Military Council and disciplinary procedures in the army, Gendarmerie, civil service and Coast Guard Command, Gök said. 

“These are changes that will be valid after the termination of the state of emergency as well,” he stressed. “The responsibility is now on the Constitutional Court. What we want to build is a rule of law.”   

The fight against coup plotters should continue but it should be done within the boundaries of law, Gök said, “Parliament should not be by-passed. The CHP will continue to act as the guarantee of the rule of law as it was the guarantee of democracy and the regime on the night of July 15.”