Chemistry firm looking for regional expansion

Chemistry firm looking for regional expansion

Chemistry firm looking for regional expansion

Russia will be the priority for upcoming Hayat Chemistry investments abroad, says İdil (L) during an Istanbul meeting.

Hayat Kimya, owner of a number of local brands, is planning to invest abroad to produce sanitary paper and Russia, Iran and Egypt are the initial targets, according to a top company executive.

Investing abroad in the retail sector is another option the company is considering, said Orhan İdil, the company’s general coordinator.

The investment plans are expected to be executed following a sanitary paper in Iran and a diaper plant in Egypt become operational in four or five years, İdil said.

“The sanitary paper plant, to be set up in Iran with an investment of $150 million, will go into operation in August [2012]. Then we plan the diaper plant in Egypt to start production at the end of 2012 or in 2013,” İdil said. “Then we will look into the regions other than the Middle East. Our priority will be Russia. We are contemplating investing in Kazan, but this may take four or five years to do.”

Kazan is the capital city of Republic of Tatarstan, a federal subject of Russia.

The company is still researching the new investment opportunities, said İdil, adding that the company’s investment plan envisages the countries around Turkey for investment.

The company is not considering any retail investment in Turkey, said İdil.

Hayat Kimya, a subsidiary of Hayat Group, is a leader in the sanitary paper market with 25 percent of the share in Turkey. Hayat Group is primarily active in the chemicals and wood-based industries.