Cartoonists to meet in Ankara

Cartoonists to meet in Ankara


Turkish and Greek cartoonists will gather in Ankara between Nov. 18 and 29. The third edition of the Turkish-Greek neighborhood event will take place in the Turkish capital with contributions of Turkish and Greek cartoon associations and with support of the European Union. The event aims to boost cultural dialogue between the two countries. Exhibitions will be opened and workshops and panel discussions will be held on the sidelines of the event.

Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Caricature Foundation Chairman Nezih Danyal said the first meeting of Turkish and Greek cartoonists also took place in Ankara between July 5 and 10, and the second meeting took place in Athens between Sept. 13 and 18.

He said both countries had many things in common. “As a result of geographical proximity and environmental similarity, the two countries have very similar folk cultures. They cook the same meals and drink the same drinks but give them different names. The folkloric culture of both countries is almost the same.”

He said they organized the event to contribute to the development of cultural dialogue between both countries and that an exhibition including works by 50 Turkish and Greek artists would open on Nov. 18 at the Contemporary Arts Center. Also, he said, a panel discussion titled “Turkish-Greek Neighborhood with Caricatures” will be organized on the same day at the Turkish British Culture Center