Campbell to co-own business in Bodrum

Campbell to co-own business in Bodrum

BODRUM – Doğan News Agency
Campbell to co-own business in Bodrum

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World-renowned top model Naomi Campbell will sign a partnership agreement with the owner of a detox center in the western province of Muğla’s popular resort city Bodrum. She has decided to become a partner after her attempt to acquire the entirety of the business, called The Detoks Bay, was rejected by its Turkish owner, Sedat Akdemir.

The partnership agreement is expected to be signed in the near future, when the British model arrives in Bodrum for another visit to the city.

Campbell and her colleague Kate Moss have visited The Detoks Bay on multiple occasions, and Campbell’s decision to buy the center came after she was highly pleased with her visits.

The center is frequented by renowned figures from Britain, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.

Akdemir said that Campbell and Moss have visited the center a few times, adding, “She liked the center and said she wanted to buy it, but I told her that I will not sell this place because I want to make it one of the best health centers in the world. Then she offered me a partnership and I accepted it. She will come here in the next few months and we will sort out an agreement.”

Akdemir said that detox centers have been opened in Turkey one after the other and had succeeded in becoming some of the most popular health tourism alternatives. “We opened this center two years ago. It drew the interest of many world-renowned people. Detox centers have become one of the key segments of health tourism in Turkey. Also, the fact that customers of these centers are largely wealthy is very important for both Bodrum and Turkish tourism,” he said.

Renowned Japanese underwater photographer Masakazu Akagi and Osaka University Head of Photography Department Professor Mineko Orisaku have been shooting at The Detoks Bay for a special documentary program, made for Panasonic.