Çamlıca TV Tower now open to visitors

Çamlıca TV Tower now open to visitors

Çamlıca TV Tower now open to visitors

Çamlıca TV Tower, the construction of which started in March 2016, began hosting visitors from June 1 onwards, becoming Istanbul’s new landmark and Europe’s highest structure.

One of the first visitors to the 365-meter-tall tower was a couple from the Blacksea province of Bolu, which is some 250 kilometers away from the metropolis, who found the view from the tower beautiful but the entrance fee a bit too expensive.

The 49-floor tower can be visited between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays. On the 33rd and the 34th floors, there are observation terraces. There is a cafe on the 39th and a restaurant on the 40th floor. The entrance fee is 60 Turkish Liras ($6.9), which visitors say could have been cheaper.

“We are a family of four. Our entrance fee alone would cost 240 liras ($28). If we include the carfare and dining, the price will go up to 400 liras ($46),” İrfan Suvaroğlu, a 51-year-old Istanbul resident, told daily Milliyet on June 2.

But he gave the tower credit for its spectacular view.

“The view is great. Istanbul is under your feet. The tower surely added value to the Üsküdar district,” he added.

Birgül Ulaş, a 46-year-old woman from the Üskidar district, was among the first visitors of the tower. “It is joyful to watch Istanbul from this height. But the fee could have been cheaper,” she said.

University students also highlighted that the entrance fee was high for them, even if it was 30 liras, which is half of the current price.

Emin Dilber, a 22-year-old university student, found the view from the tower fantastic but said the fee charged was more than she could comfortably afford.

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