Cameras to watch over south beaches

Cameras to watch over south beaches

ALANYA - Hürriyet Daily News
Cameras to watch over south beaches

16 high-tech security cameras are going to monitor the beaches in Alanya. DHA photo

The beaches near the southern town of Alanya, one of Turkey’s most visited tourist destinations, will now be kept under surveillance by 16 high-tech security cameras.

The project, titled “Developing seaside security for Alanya,” will be completed over a period of eight months at a cost of 600,000 Turkish Liras, according to Hasan Şakiroğlu, the deputy chairman of the Antalya Tourism Managers Association (ALTİD).

“The main reason for this project is to ensure that beaches are safe for citizens and tourists in case of any emergency, such as drowning or theft. We are trying to find ways to improve the standards of our beaches,” Şakiroğlu told the Hürriyet Daily News yesterday.

The managers of 246 area hotels have expressed their support for the monitoring system, according to reports.

The project includes security patrols on jet-skis and in all-terrain vehicles to back up the camera system in protecting tourist areas. The governmental West Mediterranean Development Agency (BAKA) has agreed to provide 272,000 liras in funding, while the Antalya Touristic Managers Association (ALTİD) will cover the remaining 347,000 liras.

The camera system will further provide protection against terrorist activities, Şakiroğlu said, adding that it would also address concerns such as drug-trafficking. “Any suspicious activity will be monitored and our police force will do what is needed.”

The infrared cameras will be operated by Alanya’s police department, but the municipality will also be in charge of monitoring.

Numerous Russian and German tourists come to Alanya for summer vacation each year, Şakiroğlu said.