Business world condemns terror attack in Ankara

Business world condemns terror attack in Ankara

Business world condemns terror attack in Ankara


Turkey’s business world expressed dismay after terror attacks at a peace rally in the capital Ankara, which killed at least 95 people and wounded more than 200, offering condolences to all families. 

Leading business groups have called for a robust fight against terrorism in the country. 

“We feel terribly sorry for the lost lives at the blasts in Ankara today. We slam all types of terror and violence attacks and offer condolences to all families who lost their relatives and wish all injured people a quick recovery,” said the Turkish Business and Industry Association (TÜSİAD) in a written statement on Oct. 10. 

The association has also called for a decisive fight against all types of violent and terror acts, adding that TÜSİAD members believe wholeheartedly Turkish society will hinder such acts by embracing democratic values.  

The head of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, slammed all types of terroristic attacks, which target peace and fraternity by slaughtering innocent people. 

“In the name of Turkish business world, I condemn vigorously this non-human attack which killed and injured dozens of our citizens. Such attacks aim to destroy our country’s unity, togetherness and peaceful life. We all need to act in wisdom and reasonable manner,” he said, adding that the business world believes the state will find who is responsible for the blasts immediately and bring them to court. 

‘Crime against humanity’

The head of the Confederation of Turkish Craftsmen and Tradesmen (TESK), Bendevi Palandöken, said terrorism is a crime against humanity in a written statement after the Ankara blasts. 

“We slam the Ankara blasts vehemently. Terrorism a crime against humanity and we all need to adopt our fraternity against all types of terroristic attacks. Any attack against innocent people is not acceptable irrespective of why, where and upon what conditions this attack is executed,” he noted. 

Tarkan Kadooğlu, the head of Turkish Enterprise and Business Cooperation (TÜRKONFED), said Turkey has been experiencing tough times amid rising violent attacks across the country, condemning the terroristic attack in Ankara. 

“Our faith in peace must not be decreased even a bit. Turkey will overcome the tough times with strong feelings of togetherness and trust in each other,” he said. 

Many other business communities have condemned the deadly terroristic attacks in Ankara, asking for peace and solidarity across the country, including the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK), the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MÜSİAD), the International Investors Association of Turkey (YASED), the Exporters’ Assembly of Turkey (TİM), the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO), the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO), Turkish Young Businesspeople Association (TÜGİAD), the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER), the Packaging Manufacturers’ Association (ASD), the Tourism Investors’ Association of Turkey (TYD) and the Turkish Touristic Hotels and Investors Association (TUROB), among others.