Bulgarian mafia boss arrested in Istanbul

Bulgarian mafia boss arrested in Istanbul

Bulgarian mafia boss arrested in Istanbul

Dimitar Zhelyazkov, a Bulgarian mafia boss, his six men and his girlfriend were apprehended by the Turkish police on Aug. 4 in Istanbul.

Zhelyazkov was also sought by the Interpol.

Bulgarian authorities had obtained information that the crime boss fled Bulgaria and appealed to the Interpol. 

The organized crime units of the Istanbul police had the intelligence that Zhelyazkov was in the city. The Interpol, Bulgarian security officials and the local police determined that the mafia boss was staying in a hotel in the Bakırköy district of Istanbul. 

In an operation, the police apprehended Zhelyazkov, his six men including one Turkish national and his girlfriend outside the hotel. 

Zhelyazkov was arrested while his girlfriend and five men were deported. The Turkish suspect was released on probation. 

The process for the extradition of the crime boss is expected to begin soon at the request of the Bulgarian authorities.