Bookmobile serves readers despite virus

Bookmobile serves readers despite virus

Bookmobile serves readers despite virus

A bookmobile is providing access to knowledge and learning for residents in southeastern Şırnak province amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The mobile library has bookshelves, seats where students can sit and read, three laptops and internet service. It offers service to people living in rural areas who do not have access to a library.

As part of coronavirus measures, the staff at the library give disinfectant to children and observed mask-wearing and social distancing while at the library.

Library custodian Nurettin Arka said that the library brings the books, students, youth, disabled people and adults together in the villages.

He said the aim is to increase the knowledge of children and young people, in particular, noting that the library is working to prevent users from staying away from books because of the pandemic.

Arka said the library has 1,500 books in various categories and it lends 300 and replaces them with new ones every 15 days in turns to seven villages.

“We also provide internet service in our library. Our aim is to bring people and knowledge together and support their development,” he said.