Bonomo performs in the Netherlands

Bonomo performs in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM - Anatolia News Agency
Bonomo performs in the Netherlands

Can Bonomo (R) poses with Turkish-origin Joan Franka, who will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest. She will also come to Istanbul next week. AA photo

Can Bonomo, who will represent Turkey in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, took the stage on April 21 in Dutch capital Amsterdam as part of his promotional tours ahead of the competition.

Bonomo also met Turkish-origin Joan Franka (Ayten Kalan) who will represent the country in the same contest for the Netherlands. They wished each other good luck and said “let the best win.”

Bonomo said that Fanka was very successful and he liked her song. “We are in good spirits … I met with a very successful artist. We are very pleased with what we are doing.”

When asked if the votes of Turks in the Netherlands would go to him, Bonomo said, “There are 42 countries in the contest. Let them vote for the song that they like the most.”

He said he trusted his own song and hoped people would like it, too. “We shouldn’t make a clear explanation right now. Let us compete first. I hope we will return with a result that makes our country happy.”

Bonomo said he had been made very welcome in Amsterdam, just like in other European cities, and that people danced with his song.

‘I love you Turkey’

Franka said she was very pleased with the interest of the Turkish community in the Netherlands, and that she had not expected such a big interest. She said she finally met Bonomo, whom she had heard of before, and that they had wished each other luck.

Franka said she would come to Istanbul next week and take the stage as part of her promotional tour. “I am half Turkish, half Dutch. I guess I am one of the best examples of our countries’ friendship,” she said, adding, “I love you Turkey.” Franka, who has won the Voice of Holland competition, will represent the country with her song “You and Me.”