Bionic arm helps guide cling to life   

Bionic arm helps guide cling to life   

GAZİANTEP - Anadolu Agency
Bionic arm helps guide cling to life


A 30-year-old woman from the southeastern province of Gaziantep, who has survived a string of traumas and health problems including cancer, a heart attack, falling from height and a traffic accident, has been holding on to life with a bionic arm she had installed after losing an arm in a minibus crash.

Zübeyde Nisa Karabacak, who has named her bionic arm “Revo,” works as a guide for the Gaziantep Municipality. 

“Revo is my fellow traveler,” said Karabacak, while adding that she can put on nail polish, do housework, play the violin and tambourine, and even paint with her bionic arm. 

Karabacak survived her first trauma when she was only a child. 

She fell from the second storey of her house to the ground. She still believes surviving the accident was a “miracle.” 

Karabacak experienced the second trauma of her life when she was diagnosed with parathyroid cancer at the age of 17.

Having suspended her university education for treatments, she was immediately taken into surgery after she had a heart attack three years later. 

The last trauma Karabacak experienced was in 2016, when she lost her arm in a minibus accident. 

People around her have said “it was too much to handle.”

But when she first had “Revo” installed, she said, “Life has just begun.” 

“That was the most peaceful sleep I ever had,” said Karabacak, speaking about the first night she first slept with the prosthesis.