Best Buy drops Kaspersky products

Best Buy drops Kaspersky products

WASHINGTON - Agence France-Presse
Best Buy drops Kaspersky products U.S. electronics retailer Best Buy has stopped selling products by leading computer security firm Kaspersky Lab amid concerns the company has links to Russian intelligence, the two companies confirmed on Sept. 8.

The big box retailer, with stores across the country, did not announce the change itself but its website was no longer offering Kaspersky products, and numerous social media reports said they were not on store shelves anymore.

A Best Buy spokeswoman confirmed in an email reports that the action was taken due to concerns over Kaspersky’s alleged links to the Russian government.

Kaspersky, which denies Russian government links, said the two firms “have suspended their relationship at this time.”    

“However, the relationship may be re-evaluated in the future,” it said in a statement.

“Kaspersky Lab has enjoyed a decade-long partnership with Best Buy and its customer base, and Kaspersky Lab will continue to offer its industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to consumers through its website and other retailers.”    

In July, the U.S. government removed Kaspersky from its list of approved vendors, weeks after top U.S. intelligence agency and law enforcement officials publicly expressed concerns about the safety of its software.

Last week, Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen said she was introducing legislation to ban U.S. government bodies from using Kaspersky software.

But no evidence has been presented to back up vague assertions that it might be a tool of Moscow, offering Russian spies back-door entry into computers worldwide.