Beşiktaş houses most expensive

Beşiktaş houses most expensive

Beşiktaş houses most expensive


The housing prices in Istanbul’s Bosphorus neighborhood of Beşiktaş jumped 24.7 percent in one year, the highest increase of any district in the city, according to March figures released by real estate information company REIDIN.

The study showed that one square-meter of Beşiktaş property is currently priced at 5,885 Turkish Liras, way above the 887.7 liras per square meter in Sultanbeyli, the cheapest neighborhood. 

However, even investors in Sultanbeyli houses have also had a 17.8 percent annual increase. 

REIDIN compared the increase in Beşiktaş property prices to the 10.6 percent rise in gold prices. 

Prices in Sarıyer, another Bosphorus neighborhood, increased 22 percent, while Kadıköy on the Anatolian side of the city saw a 10.7 percent rise. 

Silivri, on the outskirts of the city, is the second cheapest district, where house prices rose 16.1 percent in one year to 1,189.5 liras per square meter.