Batman's castle from Medieval ages

Batman's castle from Medieval ages

Batmans castle from Medieval ages

The strutcure in Salkımlı village is a kind of castle from Medieval ages.

The ceramic pieces and city walls that were unearthed during the works on Salkımlı village road in the southeastern province of Batman have been discovered to be from the medieval ages.

Dicle University Ziya Gökalp Faculty academic Associated Professor Sabri Karadağ said they had performed a surface survey in the region and found the pieces some time ago. “This place is like a medieval castle.

There are stone steps, walls and residences at the top of the walls. We have many settlements like this in the Dicle Valley. We can say that this place is a settlement from the Middle Ages and was established with the purpose of protection,” he said.

Karadağ said the outskirts of the Dicle Valley were home to many inns, as well as remains of the Neolithic age. Life continued in the inn in the Salkımlı village, he said, and continued:

“Behind is Çayüstü village; people are still living in the inns there, too. Life has been continuing in Dicle since 12,000 B.C. The Dicle Valley could become a national park. It should be for the sake of the Turkish economy. People prefer cultural heritage and geological structures rather than the sea, sun and sand. The valley has all of it.”