Bank launches new service: Philanthropy consultancy

Bank launches new service: Philanthropy consultancy

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Bank launches new service: Philanthropy consultancy

Philanthropy consultancy is a pioneering service, says Yapı Kredi’s İmre Tüylü.

One of Turkey’s leading private banks, Yapı Kredi, has begun a Philanthropy Consultancy, which is a first in the banking industry, according to a written statement issued by the bank.

“Yapı Kredi Private Banking has provided pioneering and exclusive services from inheritance to art consultancy to cater for the expectations of our customers. We aim to guide our customers in making effective donations,” Yapı Kredi Head of Marketing and Product Management, Private Banking and Wealth Management İmre Tüylü, said June 18. She was speaking at a seminar titled “Effective Donation and Inspiring Donation Stories” at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum in Istanbul. The service is being provided in collaboration with the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey.

Dame Stephanie Shirley OBE, a British businesswoman, and Haldun Taşman, a Turkish businessman and the founder of the Turkish Philanthropy Foundation (TÜSEV) were also in attendance.

There is a need for consultancy in philanthropy like in many other fields today, said Tüylü, adding that donations bore many details in the planning process. “We will realize a strong cooperation with TÜSEV. So, our customers will be able obtain from us all legal and financial information support in choosing an institution or a project to donate or in the process of establishing a foundation,” she said.

Chairman of TÜSEV Üstün Ertgüder said the development of civil society in Turkey was directly associated with donations becoming widespread.

“We aim to encourage not only by achieving more donations but also more effective and strategic donations by providing donation consultancy, which we believe will make a big contribution to donations,” he said.

Dame Stephanie Shirley said she never “kept quiet” when donating.

“On the contrary I always have announced it. I encouraged others to avoid making anonymous donations and explain the factor that pushed them to donate by doing so. By doing this I hoped to inspire others to make donations,” she said.